About Us


Amistad Aqua Adventures L.L.C. is a start up company that is owned and operated by myself Mark Bewley. I am an Electrical Engineer by profession and have been designing embedded control systems since 1982. After becoming PADI Open Water certified with my oldest son Matthew I found my passion of diving. I now have my PADI Instructor and SSI Technical Foundation instructor certifications.
I started diving Lake Amistad with a fellow friend and diver,  we had no idea what we were going to find the first trip to Amistad but from that first trip we were planning the next trip before we got back to San Antonio. We started a quest and quickly learned Lake Amistad was a very different lake than any other in Texas. We were diving Lake Amistad twice a month and have found many dives from different means, diving, research, old maps, old photos and side scanning sonar.
Over the years there is now a small group that consist of sons(Matthew and Logan), students, friends,  friend’s sons and daughters that have been diving Lake Amistad.
Deciding it was time for me to take the next step in my diving passion. I received my USCG OUPV license, purchased a dive boat and secured a certificate for commercial operations from the National Parks Service. I am now able to show you a new diving experience that is only 15 miles west of Del Rio, Texas.

 Amistad is friendship in Spanish and I wish everyone that reads this web site will come dive and experience the friendship that it holds.

USCG Captain Mark Bewley

Captain Mark Bewley 121 Watercrest Dr. Lakehills, Texas 78063
Phone: 210-508-5038 E-mail: captmarkbewley@amistad-aqua-adventures.com