Our Last Trip

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Here are a few pictures from some of our last trips.

Dave and Ian going to the spring

dave surface ian at 10ft

Logan and Matthew after Logan's final dive to complete his PADI Jr AOW. Way to go Logan.


First boat dive at  Castle Canyon. thedelriogrourp2

Alejandra, Ted and Capt.

Alejandra from Venezuela, works in China but made US and Mexico dives in one day.

November 21, 2009

Weather was great, water temperature was 64degF from surface to 100ft. Water is turning so vis was only 12-15ft. Take a look at Dives for some end of year special prices.

January 16, 2010

Tony and SCUBA I.  Water temperature 52degF vis 15ft. Two dives great Dry Suit diving.

tony jan 17 2010

DugganDiving Group 02/27/2010

Great trip!

Air temperature 65deg F

Water temperature 57deg F

Visibility  15ft

First Dive Castle Canyon

Second Dive Ranch House


rebreathers off backto the ranch houseon the dock

04/10/2010 New dive site.

SCUBA I on mooring buoy behind campsite.

We started mapping a new dive site that over looked The Devil's River before Amistad Lake. Check out the pics.

scuba i on buoy

Mooring line tied to post, this is the start of the dive at 60ft.

This is a old 4ft rock wall that goes around the old overlook on the Devil's River.

Water temp 64deg F.

hw 90 anchor line on post
Stairs that lead you to a second ledge. Water depth 75ft. A second set of stairs lead you down the old road. Then across it is the picnic area.
hw 90 stairs to overlook

The bar-q pit at the roadside park. Water depth 110ft. No lights used on any dives.

Visibility  20ft without lights!!!!!!!

hw90 bar-q pit
This is a fire pit used near the picnic area. Depth 110ft and water temp was 61deg F. Sure is nice not to have to use lights.
hw 90 fire ring

This is the cover over the stone picnic table.


hw 90 picnic cover 1
June 5th Angela & Matthew finishing dive at Old HW90 Pinic Area
Saturday afternoon Filling tanks for Sunday

January 8th, 9th 2011

The "boulder fields" on the Pecos River what an adventure!!!  Have we seen the clearest water in Texas? Could be, watching the lake bottom go under the boat at a depth of 25ft. Water vis close to 40ft, temperature 52degF. Will be posting water temp for you wet suit divers. If interested in a trip call Captain Mark Bewley.

Water temp is fine for wet suits. 75deg. We have been seeing something that no other lake in Texas has seen. Check out the plane being used to fight the fires in Texas. firefightingplane



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